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Pediatric wellness

Care for children and adolescents in Humphrey and Lindsay, NE

It takes a village to raise a child, and that village includes all sorts of important people in their lives — parents, teachers, safety officials, librarians and health care providers. At Humphrey and Lindsay medical clinics, our providers are dedicated to making sure your children stay healthy as they grow.

Why does a child need to see a doctor? Well, of course there are the obvious situations, such as when they experience an injury or need antibiotics for a serious illness. And a provider can also give them vaccinations and remind them when it’s time to get another one. But it’s also important to establish a relationship with a provider so they can get to know your child and perform annual well-child check-ups, and even more frequent check-ups for infants younger than 2. During these appointments, the provider weighs your child, measures their height and asks them to perform age-appropriate tasks, such as reaching down and touching their toes. These checks allow the provider to compare your child against other children their age and make sure they are developing appropriately. Then, as your child continues through adolescence, it’s important that they have a trusted provider whom they can ask about their changing body.

One of the benefits of a rural health clinic is the opportunity to establish these close relationships. Our providers know their patients by name, and they truly care about keeping the members of the Humphrey and Lindsay communities healthy.

Call Humphrey Medical Clinic at 402-923-0412 or Lindsay Medical Clinic at 402-428-2000 to schedule an appointment for your child.


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