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Adolescent and adult physicals

DOT and sports physicals in Humphrey and Lindsay, NE

It’s important to see your health care provider throughout your life — not just when you’re sick. Annual wellness physicals are a great way to make sure everything in your body is healthy, and the providers at Humphrey and Lindsay medical clinics can make sure you don’t have to leave your hometown to receive one.

During a physical, your provider first will order any necessary lab tests. Then, they will go over the tests and perform a complete examination of your body, taking a close look at your ears, eyes, mouth and your reflexes. They will ask you about any medications you have been taking and offer recommendations for over-the-counter remedies for common issues. They also will ask if you have encountered any health problems recently. If you’d like, you can receive any necessary vaccinations at the time of your physical. 

Sports physicals

Adolescents and teenagers should be seeing their provider once a year for a physical examination. In particular, most sports require that they undergo a physical before participating. We can help you make sure your child is healthy enough to be playing their chosen sport — and sign any necessary paperwork.

DOT physicals

All truck drivers in the state of Nebraska need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to remain on the road. The Nebraska Department of Transportation requires all applicants to undergo a physical before approving a CDL. At Humphrey and Lindsay medical clinics, our providers can work with you and your schedule to find a good time for this physical, which includes an eye exam, hearing test, urine test and in-depth wellness examination.

Call Humphrey Medical Clinic at 402-923-0412 or Lindsay Medical Clinic at 402-428-2000 to schedule an appointment for your physical.


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